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Secure Communications Network Based on NetFPGA Archive – IT Research Paper

NetFPGA is a hardware platform, designed and developed by the Stanford University, which is lowly cost and reusable. NetFPGA allows us to build high-performance network system model in the development environment of the hardware level, whose speed is up to Gb/s. then we can study and test network models with the network system model.NetFPGA is a Linux-based open platform, so people can use all the ready resources on the platform while building their own systems, and their own systems can also be used by others, just by adding modules or modifying existing modules according to their needs.Encryption technology is one of the most commonly used security measures, which is used to ensure secure transmission of data. we can transfer the data into garbled codes by using encryption and then transmit them, and those garbled codes are encrypted to ciphertext, then restored by using the same or different means after they arrive the destination, and this is a decryption process, decrypted into the original. Encryption technology consists of two elements:algorithms and keys. Algorithm is a set of instructions to solve the problem, that is, to a certain standard input, you can obtain the required output within a limited time, the algorithm can be understood as a complete problem-solving steps consisting of basic operations and posed operation orders. the key is a parameter, which is an input datum in an algorithm, this algorithm can be plaintext being converted to cipher text, it can also be cipher text being converted to plaintext. in the security technology, you can use the appropriate key encryption technology and a certain management mechanism to ensure the security of information in communication networks.

This article is on NetFPGA secure communication through network. First, we design and realize encryption and decryption modules on the NetFPGA by coding, and add them to the NetFPGA development board. Secure communication through network based on NetFPGA refers to that, in the network transmission of information packets between hosts, to encrypt and decrypt the information packet going through NetFPGA development board, and then achieve the confidentiality of network communications. Encryption modules based on FPGA have high performance, which is well beyond the software implementation of DES algorithm. This examination has implemented and verified NetFPGA encryption modules, and uses them to increase the speed of data transmissionChapter one introduces the origin of the NetFPGA, and its core components, including the FPGA, Memory, PHY, PCI, SATA. Chapter two introduces the methods of building NetFPGA environment. Chapter three introduces the hardware description language-Verilog language, and then introduces network security. Fouth part of this article is about realization, and it introduces the design of series of modules. the first module is encrypt and decrypt the main module DES, then is a finite state machine FSM module, and secondly the implementation of these modules is introduced, including the S box design and key generation, and finally we validate and test the design.

Secure Communications Network Based on NetFPGA Archive – IT Research Paper


December 7th, 2011